Peacework Medical Projects-Haiti
and School at Baray Pagoda-Cambodia

Medical Projects
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Haiti 2012

We are delighted once again to join the celebration of Dia de las Muertos.

Your contributions go directly to our primary care medical teams. We purchase low cost medicines with donations, and we stock the free pharmacy for our patients.

Our volunteers pay their own way to the destination country to treat  up to 350 people per day ! This is typically the only medical care our patients receive all year.

 Peacework Medical  Projects is now celebrating twelve years of humanitarian service, and  we are grateful for all you have given to make this possible!

Our decision to go to Haiti was a direct result of the earthquake on January 12, 2010. However, now that we have served there in Jacmel and Marigot with our clinics, the decision to stay is based in the people we have met, and the relationships we are making among these resilent, brave people.
Our commitment now is in Ranquitte.

Recently, the onset of a cholera epidemic has made our efforts more challenging and more urgent.
Our work stretches out before us in Haiti, and our Haitian colleagues are meeting us with open arms.

Here's how to stop cholera in rural Haiti:

The cholera bacteria has become endemic in the water sources in rural Haiti. Therefore, no one is safe drinking from the streams since there is no cleansing system.

A simple, effective system is to place a block tank at the source and purify the water with inexpensive chlorine. The water then flows from the tank from a pipe, rather than from the earth.

Local men know how to build these, and a few are already fuctioning in the regional successfully.
one $500.00 tank can cleanse water for a village of over 2000 people indefinately.

 Muchas gracias amigos!

Pam Burwell, PA-C

Director, Peacework Medical Projects

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More information visit their website:

My personal experience on why I became involved HERE

Baray Pagoda in Brey Slek Commune,
Traing District of Takeo Province, Cambodia


During the past three years Peacework Medical delivered primary care medicine to rural Cambodia, this event was a proud fundraiser for that effort. While medical needs have shifted to Haiti (above) we have not forgotten the bonds special relationships that we formed over those years with the Theravada Buddist monks at the Baray Pagoda, the location of our clinic. The Pagoda is the central location for education of hundreds of young students in this rural location. A portion of our fund raising will go towards supplies for this school.

For video of the school and a class CLICK HERE