This is a interactive evening
Explore this web-site and look at the information provided......if this is your first time to attend, you are welcome and you can see from the information that there is a way that you can celebrate life with others this beautiful we honor those who have passed we do so by mocking death through celebration.

  • Friends
    If this is your first time, you are welcome to bring friends who would enjoy this. If you are returning you certainly know that the way to enjoy life is with your friends. Bring them.

  • Food
    When everyone brings something there is more than enough for everyone to sample. Bring food you specialize in if you want to showcase a special dish. If not feel free to bring something from the store.

  • Drinks
    We will supply plenty of water to quench your thirst. We will have community ice chests, and you may bring your own (many do). Please keep in mind that we will have beer on tap and we encourage you to purchase a pass to drink beer all evening for a minimum donation of $10 or more to PEACEWORK CAMBODIA. This is a great way to support our fundraiser, and to also know that for $10 or more you will have brought just the exact right amount of cold beer for the exact time that you want to stay and enjoy the festivities.......what could be simpler

  • Face Painting
    You can see by the photos of past events, we enjoy sharing the experiance of painting each others faces in traditional manner as explained on the home page link in detail.....

  • Pinata
    There will be a busting of a Pinata for the younger kids.......

  • Cemonial Fire
    Mid evening we have a moving ceremony to honor the dead. This is the highlight of the evening, it is where we reconize death, and the "ofrenda" that we have built together throughout the evening, the more that we bring to the "ofrenda' the more beautiful we make this part of the evening. Please explore the information on this web site about the ceremony and the traditions we celebrate together. This is also a turning point where as the evening goes on we focus more on the adult activities and socializing with our new friends.......the kids are beat by now. Please plan to attend during the ceremony transition time. If you are a kid and adults bug you, come early......if you are a adult and kids bug you come and stay late.........but everyone be together at the time of the ceremoney.

  • The Ofrenda
    This is the most important aspect of the event. It grows in beauty and honor the more that we bring to it. These are gifts of Flowers, candles, and or momentos and photos (feel free to take your momentos or photos back home with you, or leave them for us to set up for the following year.) Read on this site the tradition of writing message-letters, and the ceremony at the ofrenda.

  • Work the Party
    Bring business and contact information......I promise you that you will meet a new friend this evening.

  • Flowers and Candles
    Did I mention to bring flowers and candles.........The flowers are brought to a Hospice the following Sunday..........filled with spirit.