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After 22 years of hosting Phoenix’s premiere Dia de Los Muertos event which began as a small gathering of eight individuals on a farm in Maricopa, we have decided to suspend our event for the time being........as it is.

The culmination of these years of most wonderful, fantastical experience brought us to a beautiful and wonderful place last year as over 1200 neighbors, family and friends attended our farewell event.

My right-hand man Claudio, has returned to  Mexico for a while to be with his family, making it difficult to perform all of my daily business related tasks as well as create this event without his help. I look forward to spending this year's  Dia de los muertos in Mexico with his family and friends and perhaps begin a new tradition in my life.

Because this event had grown to such a large size, there needs to be some reassessment on how to provide a wonderful, safe and financially viable experience for so many people and still retain the intimate feeling of a Mexican town square celebration with the very special spiritual experience we have grown to love over the years. I know there will be much discussion and contribution of opinions from past participants who will facilitate this, no doubt. I do not plan to control the direction of future events as they will present themselves as time goes on.

My personal life has presented some business opportunities here in Phoenix that require my full time focus and attention to be successful. My future appears to be unfolding on farm land in the beautiful rural countryside of the State of Veracruz in Mexico and the Province of Takeo in Cambodia. I have always wanted to  work the soil  and grow things, which is why I originally purchased the farmland in Maricopa here in Arizona........the site of the first El Dia De Los Muertos party so many years ago. This destiny is calling and I need to take the time to follow.

I hope that those of you that have attended past events will take the time to reflect on our shared  experiences over the years with joy and celebration. I hope that the personal tradition of taking this time of year to build an offrenda and honor the dead, and look around and spend time celebrating life and living, will continue in your life. I know it will in mine.

I will be leaving the website set up as it was as from the last event, with the possibility of a re-start sometime in the future. I will retain your e-mail address and keep you updated when I am finally able to get the photos and story up from last year’s event, and any new information regarding Phoenix El Dia De Los Muertos.

Adios, por Ahora, Mis Amigos!