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November Coronado Night Out

The 22nd annual "Dia de Los Muertos" will be held in the Coronado Historic Neighborhood, Phoenix on November 5th, 2011, from 5pm Saturday-Sunday morning. Come join us this year as we welcome, honor and celebrate the memories of the beloved souls. Rejoice and observe the mystical beauty and wonder of this ancient spiritual celebration. Partake of various sacred ceremonial tributes and the memorable altar creation on the grounds of an old palm tree farm in central Phoenix.

E-Hood Coronado Presents – 22nd Annual DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and Coronado Night Out

We graciously and enthusiastically welcome the Coronado Neighborhood and beyond to embrace, honor and celebrate the memory of the departed as we commemorate the 22nd annual Dia de Los Muertos. Witness this colorful ancient indigenous based Mexican ceremony as we welcome our guests to celebrate life and ancient traditions fused with modern culture.
Join us as we illuminate the evening sky with the various mosaic flavors of life, remembering and paying homage to the dearly departed as we joyfully walk hand in hand with the recollections of the spirits we pay tribute to. Allow the ingrained history of this ancient tradition to capture the heart of the newly curious, sustain the hopes of the returning and quench the thirst of the surrounding souls.
We will observe the millenary custom with altar settings, incense, food and rituals, from cultures around the world. Children will enjoy and learn more about this millenary tradition the making of the altars, a ceremony, face painting, dancing, and decorating sugar skulls.

  • Dia de Los Muertos attire strongly encouraged - Come dressed in your finest Calaca apparel
  • Please bring a bouquet of flowers and a vigil candle for the “ofrenda”.
  • Feel free to bring one of your favorite food dishes to showcase and share
  • There is no charge to come and enjoy the festival, it is suggested that a donation be made of help defer the costs of this celebration, and support the causes of Peacework Medical Haiti and Baray Pagoda School in Cambodia.

Spend an eventful relaxing, dancing, enjoying food, and enjoying neighbors and making new friends as the palm farm comes to life with joyful celebrations

“Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”
Mark Twain


“La Ofrenda”. This is a powerful symbolic gesture from our hearts and memory. We ask that you bring a photograph, flowers, vigil candle or something special to honor and remember those persons, we build together a place of honor and combined thought"

"Coronado Night Out" is designation by the Coronado Neighborhood Association as a evening dedicated to the neighbors of the Coronado Neighborhood to gather and socialize and get to know each other, we will all walk away with new friends at the end of the evening who live just blocks away.......

This years event is also a fund raiser for Peacework Medical Project Haiti 2012 and to the School at the Baray Pagoda, Takeo region of Cambodia.

Bring many flowers for the "2011 Ofrenda" all flowers will be distributed to the Hospice at Third Street and Monte Vista to brighten the days of the persons in Hospice care........

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Wayne Murray 602-616-4546
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